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Account Executive Position Opportunity

What We Do at DaNeez

DaNeez is an "Online Wholesale Marketplace" - whose main goal and mission is to help stores/boutique owners in the Caribbean such as Haiti find products at really great price. Business owners in the Caribbean are no longer in need to travel abroad to find products to sell as DaNeez is committed to get every product ordered at their doors.

Account Executive job summary

As an Account Executive, you play a major role in creating the bridge between stores and business owners and DaNeez. Once you applied, you receive a brand new web portal that gives your access to all our products. You will find the web page link of your web portal at the very bottom of the dash board page that opens after you apply.  Use your web portal link to show case our products to potential customers.
Also, you have to use your web portal to order for your clients as it allows DaNeez to track your work and pay you your commission. In addition, you will be able to login and see orders made by your clients and all your earners from your dashboard.

As an Account Executive, it is of extreme importance that you possess outstanding sales experience, honed customer service skill and a passion for technology, new systems, and innovative business solutions in a variety of settings and inceptions.

We value executives who are passionate about growing our existing accounts while proactively pursuing new accounts and identifying roadblocks and obstacles to increasing business.

The ideal fit will be innovative enough to suggest tailored solutions to common account problems. Dedication to growing the business and facilitating smoother connections between our clients and our internal executives is a must. 

Account Executive responsibilities

  • Educating store and boutique owners (small or large) about our business solutions.
  • Cold-calling, generating new leads and prospecting accounts.
  • Closing customer deals and generating new sales.
  • Using Salesforce automation tools to track progress and report goals.
  • Analyzing consumer needs and developing innovative solutions.
  • Managing team members and facilitating collaboration in your marketplace

Account Executive Qualifications and skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills. Must be able to negotiate and problem-solve.
  • Knowledge of current marketing and advertising trends and best practices.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in programs including PowerPoint, MS Office and Excel.
  • Strong leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrable business acumen and a deep understanding of business sales processes.
When Will I Get Paid?
DaNeez pays on the 15th day after your clients play their orders on your web portal. You are not allowed to receive money directly from clients as all orders should be made using bank credit or debit cards, or Paypal.
The advantage of working as an Account Executive with DaNeez is that every client that purchases from your web portal will remain yours as long as the clients use your web link that you provided them every time they place their orders.
Best Way to Find Clients
Showing clients products only require that you have a tablet that is connected to a wifi network. That allows your potential clients to see all the products that you have to offer. Also, you are encouraged to create a Whatsup group - which would allow you to send all new products to your clients and potential clients.
In addition, having a strong online presence on Facebook and other social networks can help you increase your portfolio.

As being online is important, do not minimize the power of words of mouth. Professionaly presenting your products to stores and business owners can take you to the next level.

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By applying to become an Account Executive at DaNeez, you have read and agreed to DaNeez' Account Executive Program Agreement Statement

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